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SEObar - is a powerful tool for web-site promoters and analysts. SEObar is compatible to work with Opera 8 and Opera 9 browser.

1. SEObar features
2. Installation
3. SEObar panel items
   a) Minimizing the panel
   b) Ratings
   c) Options
   d) "More"/"Less" button
   e) Directories
4. Settings
5. Download

SEObar features

SEObar for Opera: panel

SEObar for Opera: status bar

SEObar can display the following information on the page of your browser:

The information is displayed in the SEObar's panel and the browser's status bar.


SEObar is a UserJS script. To install the SEObar, simply copy it into your UserJS script folder.

If you have the cookie disabled by default, make an exception for domain name SEObar stores it's settings and data in this domain locally (Alexa Traffic Rank Yandex CY) for the last visited website.

SEObar panel items

a) Minimizing the panel. The leftmost item of the panel - the minimizing\restoring button: [-]/[+]. The minimized panel has only one button [+].

"Restore" button  "Minimize" button

By default the script is disabled when the panel is minimized. This means that the information is not gathered by SEObar for all pages you open. This option can be changes (refer to Settings)

b) Ratings. Depending on the Options the panel can display various ratings for the web pages: Alexa Traffic Rank, Google Page Rank and Yandex CY. The Alexa informant, along with rating can display the domain's name being viewed. The Alexa and Yandex informants can display more information when clicked:

The Alexa and Yandex informants can display more information

The data for Alexa and Yandex is saved for last visited domain. That saves your traffic as the same information is not downloaded for other pages of that domain.

c) Options. The Options section defines the panel placement and its contents:

"Options" section

There are two ways to display the SEO data: always (the information you need all the time) and by request (the information that is not needed that frequently). Of cource, the data you don't need will not be delivered if never option in on. The data you need by request will be loaded when you click the More button.

d) "More"/"Less" button. This button is used to display the data upon request. Say, if you need the information for Yandex to be displayed by request, the panel will look like this:

"More" button

As you can see, the [«] - More button appeared. The panel, when [] button is clicked, will load and display the following information:

"Less" button

Not only the SEO data can be displayed by request, the SEObar panel items can also be shown with [].

e) Directories. This section displays the information from the DMOZ: Open Directory Project, Yahoo! Directory, Yandex.Directory, Rambler's Top100. The number of results to display is limited by 5, but can be changed for more (refer to Settings):

"Directories" section

The links for DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory contains the site descriptions:

The links contains the site descriptions

The Directories section has it's own More/Less button.


Some settings can be found in the script itself. To change the setting you need, open the script file in any editor, edit and save it.

bPanel. Create (true) or not (false) the panel. If you have enough of information in the browser's status bar, change this parameter to false.

bStatusbar. Display (true) or not (false) the information in the status bar.

bDisableScriptByPanelCollapse. Disable (true) or not (false) the script when minimizing the panel. If the panel distracts you from your work, change the parameter value to false. This way you can keep the panel minimized and track down the SEO information in the status bar. When you need the additional functions (ex. the information from a Directory), you can restore the panel. To turn the panel off, simply check the Disable script in the Options.

showYandexInfoInStatusbar. Show (true) or not (false) additional information from the Yandex Directory in the status bar:

Additional information from the Yandex Directory in the status bar

requestDelay. Delay between creating the panel and loading the SEO data in milliseconds.

digitGroupingSymbol. The grouping symbol. Is required for better understanding of a big numbers received.

undefinedRank. If the data failed to load, this string is displayed.

fontSize and fontFamily. Font for displaying the panel's contents.

fakeDomain. Domain name in the cookies where the options are stored.

maxDirectoryResults. The number of results for one Directory.


SEObar 4.09 for Opera 9 - 10.10, Date: May 11, 2010:
seobar4.js (174.37 KB)
CRC-32: 86dc817d
MD5: 86232ede6c4477812fc0318a9dcac75b

SEObar 6.10 for Opera 10.50 +, Date: July 20, 2012:
seobar6.js (153.27 KB)
CRC-32: 319cb911
MD5: 5be8bd11c6bd96baff76162387292272

Plugins for SEObar 6:
Seznam S-Rank 1.01, July 20, 2012

The SEObar script is discussed at User JavaScript - Opera Community

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